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Hornet Master Modes

The Hornet has three master modes of operation: Navigation (NAV), Air-to-Air (A/A), and Air-to- Ground (A/G). The displays and avionics equipment operations are tailored as a function of the selected master mode. A/A master mode is entered by either pressing the A/A master mode button or by selecting an A/A weapon with the Weapon Select Switch. When A/A is selected, the radar display is placed on the right DDI, and the Stores Management System (SMS) display is placed on the left DDI. A/G master mode is selected by pressing the A/G master mode button. When neither master button is enabled (neither button lit), the Hornet is in the NAV master mode.

Before using the Hornet navigation system, enable the system by placing the INS knob on the Sensor Panel to the NAV position. RIGHT CONSOLE