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It is recommended that the Flight Management Computer (FMC) section within the AH-64D chapter is reviewed prior to reading through the various flight maneuvers within this chapter.

Throughout this chapter, attitude references within the maneuver descriptions will be based on the assumption that the pitch ladder has remained un-biased. (see MPD Flight (FLT) page for more information.)

When describing cockpit controls or specific tasks performed in each crewstation, the following symbols will be used to denote each crewstation or cockpit control effects between the crewstations.

PLT Denotes a task that is performed by the Pilot.

CPG Denotes a task that is performed by the Copilot/Gunner.

PLT/CPG Denotes a task that may be performed by either crewmember.

PLT & CPG Denotes a task that is performed by both crewmembers.

© Denotes a cockpit control, option, or setting that is “common” between crewstations. A change performed in one crewstation will affect both crewstations. Any item that does not have this symbol is “independent” between crewstations.

“Pilot” Denotes the crewmember occupying the aft crewstation.

“pilot” Denotes the crewmember manipulating the aircraft flight controls in the conduct of performing a specific flight maneuver.